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Setting Up A Facebook Challenge In GivePanel

This is your step-by-step guide to setting up a Facebook Challenge in GivePanel. Here are the steps you need to take to complete your event set-up.

  1. Create your event
  2. Create your event registration form
  3. Create your custom fundraiser link (1-Click)
  4. Populate your email journey
  5. Registrations section
  6. Events dashboard
  7. Apply For The Facebook Challenge Playbook

Step 1: Create your event

    1. Go to 'Event' in settings.
    2. Click 'Add New Event'.
    3. Add a title of your event (the name of your Challenge).
    4. Add start date - this is the first day of your Challenge.
    5. Add end date - this is the last day of your Challenge.
    6. If you have an event code that you need to use, you can add this.
    7. Description here is for internal use only - add one if you’d like to.
    8. Hit 'save' and we’ll move to setting up the registration form.

Step 2: Create your event registration form

    1. Go to 'Forms' in settings.
    2. Click 'Add New Form'.
    3. Select form type - Event Registration with 1Click or just Event Registration.
    4. Add a title to the form (the name of your Challenge).
    5. Upload your logo - this will appear on the top of your form.
    6. Type - select Request Event Registration or Event Registration with 1Click.
      1. Request Event Registration = Registration form only.
      2. Event Registration with 1Click = Blended link with registration and fundraiser creation in one link.
    7. Default Greeting - prefilled for you!
    8. Default message - do not include any message here.
    9. Choose what fields you want - you will need to include email address and postal address at a minimum. We advise adding phone number here too as there is a very high opt-in rate on these forms. 
    10. Dropdown - add this in to add your t-shirt options to the form:
      1. Click the display at the top of form button - we want the t-shirts to be the first option on the form.
      2. Add in your t-shirt sizes.
      3. You can also include No T-shirt Thank You as an option.
    11. Add your marketing opt-in (radio buttons perform best) and T&Cs - remember to hyperlink your Privacy Policy.
    12. Success Message - if using the Event Registration form:
      1. Message - Thanks for registering - next step - set up your fundraiser.
      2. Include the 1Click link in 'Add a URL link'..
    13. Email - this is a single email that is sent to everyone that clicks submit on your registration form.
      1. From name - should be a named person.
      2. Email address - should be a person's email not a department email.
      3. Email message - template included. This email is short and sweet, welcoming and encouraging them to set up their fundraiser including the 1Click link.
      4. Tick the button 'Send Email to Registrations' once your ads are live and in testing. When you turn your ads off you can untick this box.
    14. Close this registration form - tick this once your ads have finished or you have reached your quota of incentives. Once the form is closed it cannot be filled.
    15. Hit 'Save'!

Step 3: Set up your Custom Fundraiser (1-Click)

    1. In the event you’ve just set up, click Custom Fundraiser Creation.
      1. Add your organization’s logo.
      2. Add the header image for your custom fundraiser.
      3. Add the title of your fundraiser - this will show up when fundraisers are created.
      4. Add the description for your fundraiser - this will show up on each fundraising page.
      5. Add a fundraiser end date - this can be either a specific date or a certain number of days from fundraiser creation.
      6. Add in a target amount for each fundraiser.
      7. The link will populate once you’ve saved the event.
    2. Create the landing page for your fundraiser -  this is what people will see when they click the Custom Fundraiser link:
      1. Add in a landing page title.
      2. Add in a landing message.
      3. Add in a success title.
      4. Add in a success message.
      5. Add in success button text.
    3. Hit 'Save'!

More information on Custom Facebook Fundraisers (1-Click) can be found in our
Knowledge Base.

Step 4: Populate your email journey

    1. Getting email access: fill out this form to have the email feature set up in your account [link].
    2. Complete the basic set-up:
      1. Fill in the 'From name' field - this is who will show up as the sender.
      2. Fill in the 'From email' field - this is what will show up as the sender’s email address.
      3. Fill in the 'Reply to' email field - if participants reply, this is where the email will go.
      4. If anyone needs to be excluded from the list, you can include those email addresses in the 'Excluded recipients list'.
      5. Hit 'Save'!
    3. Build your emails:
      1. Click 'Add New'.
      2. Choose when the email sends (how many days before/after event start or end date).
      3. Choose the condition: if you are using our 1Click event registration form, you can choose “if matched” or “ if not matched” to segment emails by people who have set up fundraisers and those who haven’t.
      4. Fill in the email subject line.
      5. Add a header image.
      6. Write your email:
        1. Use the short codes to personalise the emails
      7. Check 'Activate Email' if you are ready for the email to be live.
      8. Check 'Save changes'.
    4. Continue building emails until your whole email journey is in GivePanel!


We have more information available on how to enable and use the email journeys in our Knowledge Base.

Step 5: Registrations section

In the Registrations section of your account you can view all registrations received for your event. 

You can also export this data for fulfilment of your incentive by clicking on ''export to csv''.

Here you can also run a process called matching. Fundraiser Matching is the term we use for the process of matching event registrations with Facebook Fundraisers in GivePanel.

When matching is run, it will tie your registration and your fundraiser together, enabling you to easily see how many registrations and fundraisers you have for your challenge. 

Using ''event registration with 1-click'' forms will mean supporters can register and create their fundraiser in one go and these will both come into your account matched straight away.

We have more information on fundraiser matching in our Knowledge Base.

Step 6: Events dashboard

    1. In the Dashboard section, click Events.
    2. Select the event you’d like to view.
    3. You’ll see all high level stats for the selected event!

We have more information on the event dashboard in our Knowledge Base

Step 7: Apply for the Facebook Challenge Playbook.

Whether you're considering running your first challenge or about to embark on your tenth, our Facebook Challenge Playbook is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know to smash your challenges.

If you'd like a guide on the Facebook Challenge Model, including metric trackers and up to date tips on what's working to ensure your Facebook Challenge is a success, apply below.

Apply for the Facebook Challenge Playbook.