Setting Up The GivePanel / JustGiving Integration

This integration allows you to invite supporters to register for your Facebook Challenge or other event and in just a few clicks create a 1-Click JustGiving Fundraiser. It also allows you to import your JustGiving data into GivePanel.

To do this, you will need to:

  • Create a JustGiving "app" in the JustGiving developer portal.
  • Get the app "upgraded" by the JustGiving data API team (Usually a 24hr turnaround time).
  • Provide your JustGiving Charity ID, App ID, email and password to GivePanel.
  • Provide your JustGiving Event ID to enable 1-Click JustGiving Fundraiser Creation.

1. Create a JustGiving App

To begin, you must create a JustGiving developer account.

After you have successfully created an account and confirmed your email, navigate to My Account and click on Applications.

You will notice that JustGiving has already generated an app for you:

GivePanel Sample App

2. Obtain approval for your app from JustGiving

In order for this app to be compatible with GivePanel, it is necessary to request an upgrade from the JustGiving developer team. This upgrade will allow the app to access JustGiving's data API.

Head to Applications

Click on your new App to open it

GivePanel Sample App (1)

Select the "Review/Change" option.

Add a little bit of body text

This action will open a dialog box. Next, locate and click on the "JustGiving data API - Production and Sandbox" link on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Then, scroll down and click on the option to request a plan change. By doing this, you are requesting your plan is changed to the JustGiving Data API.

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 16.30.16

Once you have submitted your request for a "plan change" with JustGiving, their developer team will review the request. They aim to grant you access within a few working days. You will receive an email notification as soon as your access is granted.

3. Add your JustGiving details into GivePanel To Enable Data Import.

Once you have received approval for your JustGiving app, you can connect it with GivePanel.

image (1)-1

  • You'll be prompted to add in your JustGiving credentials to sync your JustGiving account to GivePanel.
  • Add JustGiving Charity ID 
  • Add JustGiving App ID
  • Add the JustGiving Email Address and JustGiving Password for an admin of your JustGiving Charity Account (The one you use to sign into

image (2)

  • Click ''Connect JustGiving'' - part one is done! Each day, your JustGiving data for the previous day will now import into GivePanel. You can also import historical JustGiving data using the single day importer tool

4. Enable JustGiving 1-Click Fundraiser Creation for your Facebook Challenge / Event. 

  • In GivePanel Account Settings, go to Events.
  • Click on the event you want to connect with JustGiving.
  • Once you've selected the event, navigate to the section titled ''Event Details''.
  • Add JustGiving Event ID to JustGiving Event ID field.
  • Add JustGiving Campaign Shortname to JustGiving Campaign field. (optional)
  • Click ''Save''.
  • Now supporters will have the option to create a JustGiving fundraiser when submitting your event registration with 1-click form or using your Custom Facebook Fundraiser 1-click link. 

    Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 11.49.20 AM

Frequently Asked Questions. 

How To Locate The JustGiving Charity ID

To locate your JustGiving Charity ID, access your JustGiving charity account and navigate to the Settings section. Then, click on Edit Charity Details. On this page, you will find your JustGiving Charity ID displayed.

How To Locate Your JustGiving App ID

This refers to the developer app you have recently created, and you can locate it in the list of your JustGiving developer applications.

output-onlinepngtools - 2021-11-29T130956.934

How To Locate The JustGiving Event ID

After creating an Event on JustGiving, you will receive an email containing the JustGiving Event ID.

Alternatively, you can find the Event ID by logging into your JustGiving Charity account and navigating to the Events and Widgets section. From there, click on View and Promote Events to see a list of Events with their corresponding Event IDs.

Please find more information on this in the JustGiving knowledge base

How To Locate The Campaign Short Code (optional)

To use the integration, you only need the JustGiving Charity ID and JustGiving Event ID. However, fundraisers linked solely to a JustGiving Event via the JustGiving Event ID are not branded.

If you want your JustGiving fundraisers to be connected to your JustGiving campaign, allowing you to customize their appearance through the campaign setup in JustGiving, you can link your GivePanel event to your JustGiving Campaign by adding the JustGiving Campaign Shortname into GivePanel.

You can find the Shortname in the JustGiving campaign URL, which follows the format[Campaign Shortname]. 

It is important to grant the necessary permissions in your JustGiving account to allow supporters to create a fundraiser page associated with the JustGiving Campaign.

To grant these permissions, you can do so when configuring your campaign in JustGiving. For detailed instructions on how to grant these permissions, please consult the instructions provided by JustGiving.