What does the Star icon mean on a Fundraiser Record?

The Star icon on a Fundraiser record shows you whether you have collected data (e.g. contact details) for your fundraiser using a form. It can also verify if the fundraiser has been matched to a registration.

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The star icon can appear 2 different ways, or not appear at all. Each version tells you something about your Fundraiser. 

  1. No star means the fundraiser is "New"  and there is no label added. 
  2. The outlined star means that you have added a label, but have not collected any data on the Fundraiser (i.e. the fundraiser has not completed a GivePanel form)
  3. A Gold star means that you have labeled the Fundraiser AND collected the Fundraisers data through a GivePanel form.

A Gold Star can also help you verify if your Fundraisers are Matched their respective Registrations. Take a look at this article on matching to learn more.