When can I see fundraiser & donation data in GivePanel & Facebook Transaction Reports?

Facebook has a slight delay from when a donation is made to when it is available to view in the Facebook Transaction data. Typically this is as follows:

Facebook Multi Day Transaction Reports

On any given day you can usually request a Facebook Multi Day Transaction report from Facebook for the day before yesterday. 

The best way to think about this is if Fundraisers/Donations happen on a Monday, you can get the data on the Wednesday. If they happen on a Tuesday you can get the data on a Thursday and so on. 

Facebook Data Importer (Single Day Importer)

With the Facebook Data Importer, there is usually a one day delay in Facebook making the data available. 

This means if a Fundraisers/Donations happened on a Monday, you would be able to import this data using the Facebook Data Importer on the Wednesday.