When creating an event what do the different fields do

When creating a new ''event'' for applying to your fundraisers record in GivePanel (which can be done in your account settings, under ''event'') you have the option to add in some details. Here is what they are:


Title: This is the name of your event, this field will become the actual event value. This is the value that will appear in the drop down list when applying an event to a fundraiser record.

Start Date / End Date: The beginning and ending date of the event, this can be used to keep track of the event times as well as to utilise additional features on GivePanel (i.e Automated Emails) Automated emails are currently in beta and aren't widely available yet.

Event code: This code will be shown in the registration export against any registration for the associated event.

Hide on Fundraiser: When ticked this event will not be shown in the event dropdown on the fundraiser record, when clicking ''event'.

Description: This is a short description of the event, it is displayed as a tooltip above the option in the fundraiser details.

Registration Form (for those running Facebook Challenges): If you're running a Facebook Challenge, here is where you can associate your registration form for your Facebook challenge with this event. This then means that when a facebook fundraiser matches with a registration, the event associated will apply itself automatically to the fundraisers record. 

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