What is the difference between 'API Fundraisers' & 'No API Fundraisers'?

If you filter by API Fundraisers, this means you will be choosing to view or exclude from your view fundraisers that were created using an API.

In the Facebook Multi Day Transaction Reports / Facebook Data. Donations are given a source so you can see where / how the donation was made. The Fundraiser Source filter allows you to segment your fundraisers by those that were created using an API and those that weren't.

For example, Custom Facebook Fundraisers (these used to be called 1-click fundraisers) are created using our API with Facebook, so these fundraisers would be included when using this filter ''Only API Fundraisers'' once they receive their first donation.

They will appear when you apply the Custom Fundraisers filter under ''Fundraiser Type'' regardless of whether they have received a donation.

Some non-profits have their own API and enable their supporters to create their fundraisers through this. These fundraisers would also show when filtering by Fundraiser Source ''Only API Fundraisers''.

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