Why Am I Seeing Multiple Currencies In My Dashboard Total?

We are aware of an ongoing issue where Facebook is sending payout currencies in multiple currencies, this is impacting EU and UK customers. We met with Meta on the 14th December who confirmed this is being investigated. 

The dashboard totals reflect the payout currency of the donations in the transaction data that Facebook send you. e.g. if there is a donation with the payout currency of $, this will show in addition to the rest of the donations in the dashboard totals.

While Facebook shouldn't be sending transactions with multiple payout currencies and it should all be consistent e.g. just one currency we have made it so the dashboard will display multiple currencies in case Facebook sends across transactions in multiple currencies.

If this happens, we recommend contacting Facebook's Nonprofit Support where you can let Meta know they are sending you transaction data with donations in multiple payout currencies as apposed to just one.

You can contact the Facebook Non-Profit team about issues with reporting here -  Non-profit and charitable organisation support

You will want to select ''Payments issue. E.g. help with payouts, reporting, updating banking information.''
Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 11.01.46