Why can't I upload my Facebook Transaction Report?

We do a number of “safety checks” on the Facebook Data before we upload it to your account in order to protect your account and data. 

Here are some reasons this can happen:


  1. You might have tried to upload a file that is older than a file already uploaded to GivePanel (an older transaction file, not necessarily older date ranges). We stop this as we want to protect your data from potential changes in Facebook's transaction reports. To avoid this you can re-run a report from Facebook and upload the new report.
  2. Facebook might have changed the ID associated with your page. The GivePanel uploader will recognise if a different ID is in the data that is being uploaded and prevent the upload. If this happens please contact support@givepanel.com
  3. If you open the transaction report or edit it in anyway before uploading it, GivePanel will prevent the upload to protect the quality of your data.

If you experience any issues uploading your data, please contact support@givepanel.com