​Why do my totals not match?

​Why does the total raised on the Fundraisers section and the total raised on the donate button post section, when combined, not total the total raised which shows on the dashboard?

You might have seen in GivePanel at the bottom of both the sections, Fundraisers and Donate Button Posts that there are totals. You will find that if you combine both of these totals that they don't match with the total raised showing in the dashboard.

This is to be expected and is because the totals in both sections (Fundraisers and Donate Button Posts) don't include every donation, there is other data that hasn't been accounted for in these two totals. 

For example donations received via Instagram and donations made directly to the donate button on your organizations page won't be included in the two totals, whereas the total raised on your dashboard does include these donations.

Other factors can influence the totals that you're seeing. We've written a help article here about why the donations total and fundraisers total can be different.