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Why is the number of donations & amount raised different in GivePanel than Facebook?

There are several reasons why totals may not marry up, in this article we explain why.

This can be for four reasons.

1. There is usually a 48-hour delay from when a donation is made to when it will appear in Facebook's Multi-Day Transaction Reports. This is why the amount shown in GivePanel can be different from the amount shown on a Fundraisers Page on Facebook.

2. Data missing for some dates. Check that you haven't missed any day's from your uploads. This happens sometimes when Facebook (for a reason we don't know) is missing some dates in the reporting for a few days and then they come back in. We've seen a few times organizations unsure why they are seeing a difference between GivePanel and Facebook and on many occasion it has been because there were a few days in the month that didn't have data uploaded for.

3. It can be sometimes where you are seeing the total in GivePanel in your local currency and on the fundraiser in Facebook it is showing the amount in a different currency using an estimate currency conversion.

4. It can sometimes be that there is a donation with a refund that is causing the difference. To check this you can get the campaign ID (this is the number in the URL of the fundraiser) and go to the "Donations" area in GivePanel. Select the right date range and then search for the campaign ID to see all the donations for that campaign ID to see if some of them involve a negative amount (a refund) 

Recommended next step

  • Run a new report from Facebook for any months that might be affected (for example if the fundraiser started on 20th January and donations came in January and February - re-upload January and February data)